Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs MCQs Quiz 3

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Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs MCQs

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Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs MCQs

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What is the repo rate as of April 2023, after the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting?

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Which institution releases the index number of wholesale price in India on monthly basis in India?

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What is the name of the National Public Procurement Portal of India?

4 / 50

What is the target for direct tax collection for 2023-24, as mentioned in the Budget 2023-24?

5 / 50

Union Cabinet has approved the revival package of which company with an outlay of Rs 89000 crore rupees?

6 / 50

Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform ahs been developed by _?

7 / 50

Which Union Ministry has launched the ‘Company Law Committee (CLC)’?

8 / 50

Which state government recently announced a financial assistance package for kendu leaf pluckers and binders?

9 / 50

‘EV Upyog’ portal, recently seen in the news, is associated with which state government?

10 / 50

C- CARES web portal, recently seen in the news, is associated with which sector?

11 / 50

Recently, which institute developed the ‘Investor Information and Analytics Platform’?

12 / 50

What is the expansion of ‘ESM’ set up by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) ?

13 / 50

What is India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) percent in the April-June quarter of the current fiscal (2023-2024)?

14 / 50

Which institution decided to ban the practice of individuals having permanent seats on boards of listed companies?

15 / 50

According to Morgan Stanley Research, what is the projected GDP growth rate for India in FY 25?

16 / 50

Moody’s Investors Service serious doubts on the credibility of biometric technologies and has red-flagged which Indian scheme?

17 / 50

Which institution conducts the Open Market Operations (OMO) sales of government securities in India?

18 / 50

Which Indian airline recently inducted India’s first Airbus A350 aircraft into its fleet?

19 / 50

What is a country’s disparity between the exports and imports of goods and services called?

20 / 50

What is the main purpose of the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), recently seen in news?

21 / 50

Which institution funds the Veteran Skilling Program to empower Ladakh’s Ex-Army Personnel?

22 / 50

What is the present estimated demand for hydrogen in Uttar Pradesh?

23 / 50

Which bank launched XpressWay- digital platform offering banking products and services?

24 / 50

Which Indian company secured 15000 crore project for a gas compression plant in the Middle East?

25 / 50

The ‘Foreign Trade Policy 2023’ aims to boost India’s merchandise and services exports by 2030 by?

26 / 50

Advance Authorization Scheme, is implemented and administered by which institution?

27 / 50

‘PMJJBY, PMSBY and APY’ were launched in which year?

28 / 50

When was the ‘Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)’ founded?

29 / 50

Which Indian institution has tied up with Japan Bank for International Cooperation to launch ‘India-Japan Fund’?

30 / 50

Which institution released guidelines for Investor Protection Fund (IPF) and Investor Services Fund (ISF)?

31 / 50

Which bank appointed former NPCI MD A.P Hota as its Chairman?

32 / 50

Which Indian institution released its ‘Economic Outlook Survey’ and forecasted a growth for Indian Economy at 6.3 percent in 2023-24?

33 / 50

The revamped website of PPPININDIA is launched by which institution?

34 / 50

What is the Retail inflation, based on Consumer Price Index (CPI), in June 2023?

35 / 50

‘Operation Sesha’, which was launched recently, aims to curb the illegal trade of_:

36 / 50

Which institution releases the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth data in India?

37 / 50

As of 2024, for how many sectors is the Government of India running Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes?

38 / 50

Which institution released ‘Additional Disclosure Norms for “High-Risk” FPIs’?

39 / 50

What is the proposed interim budget for Jammu and Kashmir for the fiscal year 2024-25?

40 / 50

Recently, which department launched the ‘StartupShala’, a flagship accelerator program of startup India?

41 / 50

RBI has instructed banks to appoint how many whole-time director in addition to the managing director on their boards?

42 / 50

Which institution released ‘Global Debt Database update’?

43 / 50

What is India’s growth forecast for this fiscal year, as per the World Bank?

44 / 50

Which Ministry introduced Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for medical-textile products?

45 / 50

Which bank announced the introduction of UPI interoperability on CBDC?

46 / 50

Which bank has introduced UPI-based digital RuPay Credit Card?

47 / 50

Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UIDF) is executed by which institution?

48 / 50

What is the transaction limit for small value digital payments in offline mode, as of September 2023?

49 / 50

Emaar, the first overseas company to invest in Kashmir, is based in which country?

50 / 50

Which Union Ministry launched the CRCS Sahara Portal?

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